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The needs of every client differ, whether you are a parent coping with a troubled child, a teen coping with the world around you, or one who turns to alcohol or drugs to cope with stress, our clinicians can and want to help! Our therapeutic techniques are tailored specifically to the needs of each client. Many of our clients come to us looking for solutions to the following issues in life: Alleviating symptoms associated with anxiety, stress, depression and anger; Enhancing self- image; Enhancing emotional well-being; Developing healthier, more effective patterns of behavior; Improving communication and conflict-resolutions skills to enhance interpersonal relationships; Identifying life stressors and options for resolution or improvement; Regaining a sense of control of feelings and thoughts following a traumatic experience; Improving organizational skills, goal setting and time management; and learning stress management techniques and emotional regulation skills.

Our clinicians also work with children to improve total well-being, whether through family or individual therapy or assessment and educational interventions. We assist children and adolescents in learning more effective coping strategies and problem solving skills to handle life challenges such as disruptions in family due to divorce, death or illness; social relationships; and academic performance. We provide evaluation services to diagnosis common disorders of childhood such as ADHD, anxiety and depression and work with children and parents to learn strategies to manage symptoms in various settings.